Watertight Rubber Door Packing "HOLDENFLEX"


Rubber Profile for hatch covers, doors, Windows. Sponge type or rigid, in several dimensions.

Made of natural rubber and used as watertight door packing. Seawater resistance, and maximum temperature -40°C to + 70°C. Color is black and standard length: 10 mtr. Tolerations: 18 – 30 mm ±1.0 mm, 30 – 50 mm ± 1.5 mm.

The list shows standard size, other sizes are available upon request.

25mm x 15mm 30mm x 15mm 30mm x 20mm 35mm x 15mm 35mm x 20mm
35mm x 25mm 35mm x 30mm 40mm x 15mm 40mm x 20mm 40mm x 25mm
40mm x 30mm 40mm x 35mm 40mm x 40mm 45mm x 20mm 45mm x 15mm



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