OSEA 2016

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
29 November - 02 December 2016

The exhibition takes place every second year, OSEA is Asia’s best known Oil & Gas event.
With a comprehensive showcase of oil & gas exploration and production innovations, OSEA continuously attracts international participation, further enhancing its reputation as the ideal platform to meet new buyers and partners.

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APEX Vietnam Branch Set Up

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
July 2016

CONG TY TRACH NHIEM HUU HAN DAU TU TM SX MINH THUY (Apex Vietnam) set up in July 2016.

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SME One Asia Awards 2013

Marina Bay Sand, Singapore
24 October 2013

The SME One Aisa Awards is established to recognise and reward the business success, social responsibility and leadership achievements of small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) - especially those that have implemented business practices that contributed to the development of people, society and the environment, thus promoting sustainable growth in Aisa and beyond.

Since opening in 2004, Marcus Chin, director of Apex Sealing Technologies Pte Ltd has managed to create a new supply chain to onshore and offshore industry. Dedicate to solve the problems via sealing solution.

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Asia Pacific Maritime 2006 Singapore

22-24 March 2006

Asia Marine Supplies Pte Ltd participate the Asia Pacific Maritime 2006 Singapore

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