Roll Paper Wiping Rags/ Dispensers

A sanitary paper wiping rag supplied in rolls for a variety of uses. There are many types available but the most common type have been selected and described below with respective specifications. The roller stands and dispensers are sold separately.


Designed for a wide variety of heavy duty wiping applications. A-Tork is a simpler, more efficient and more hygienic material than rags or cotton waste.


Specially developed to replace rags and cloths. E-Tork is for more detailed work such as the polishing of enamel paint or the cleaning of precision engineering parts. E-Tork is chemically pure and features an absorption rate as much as 4 times greater than cotton materials.

M-Tork & Mini Tork

Intended principally as a towel wipe. This single ply material can be utilized for many other lightweight purposed such as cleaning kitchen counters, bathroom fixtures or first aid rooms. Has the same quality paper as the A-Tork type.


Wall and Floor Dispensers

Designed for use with the rolled paper rags mentioned above. Paper rags and rolls are sold separately.


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