Refractory Products

Plastic refractories are firebricks in plastic putty-like form which can be installed by ramming the plastics with a wooden hammer or air rammer into any shapes required. After installation, it is baked with operation temperature of the furnace itself (over 1,000°C) to form the tough walls.

Castables are refractory cements which are mixed with the proper amount of water for installation. May be poured into frames or trowelled as is the case with ordinary cement, or gunited by gunning machine. After installation by whichever method, it hardens to a sufficient strength.

From among various types of products, the most common products are listed below and other products.


Fireclay Plastic Refractories AB 40

High Alumina Plastic Refractories AB 60

Fire Clay Powder #1400

Dense Castable Refractories #1700, #CAC 50, #CAC 95



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