Most popular shield, compatible with practically all corrosive chemicals (incl. caustic, high concentration sulphuric) due to the technical fabric and Teflon/Kevlar thread used for stitching. See our ‘chemical resistance guide’ for further clarification.

This shield is typically used for acids, caustics, solvents, fuel, lubrication and seal oil applications. In addition to the pipe joint types listed on this website, the PTFE shield can be made to fit a wide range of other fittings such as valves, pumps, expansion joints and hoses (contact us for further details).

Max working temp: 235 °C / 450 °F
Flange Ratings:  Ansi 150 – 600lb  /  DIN PN6 – PN40
Pipe sizes: Standard; ¼” (10mm) – 24” (600mm). Larger sizes available
Applications: Standard; Flanges, Elbow, Tees, Couplings. Other types available please

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