Fiberglass Rope "HOLDENFLEX"

Glass fibre is standout among the different organic and inorganic fibres as ideal replacement of asbestos. All of HOLDEnFLEX glass products are made of good quality E-glass fibre, it has many excellent capabilities of high strength and high temperature resistance, low density and low thermal conductivity, better insulation and incombustible etc.

Braided Fibreglass packing
Braided from E-glass fibres without any impregnation, untreated, will not shrink or swell in service. May ordered square or with a rectangular cross section. It can be reinforced by nickel wire, stainless wire etc. on request FGR.

As a static seal for vessels, heaters, manhole, lids, covers, thermal insulation and fire-proof of pipes etc. Suited for chemically neutral and resistance to water, steam, hot air, oils and so on.

Style FGR
Temperature Max. °C 500
PH range 5 ~ 9

Stock Dimensions: Thickness 1.5 mm to 50 mm

Packaging: Pack in Spool or box

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