Easy to use, fast setting patch for making permanent, waterproof field repairs.


• Repairs pipes, tanks, containers and PVC/ABS pipes

• Use on punctured container roofs, side panels and liners

• Non-structural repairs to truck and trailer bodies

• Patches machine housings

• Thin wall repairs


Zip Patch requires minimal surface preparation. However, for maximum adhesion, the repair surface should be roughened and wiped clean with MEK, Acetone, IPA or similar. When making repairs to pipes, shut down the pressure. In tanks, pressure should be relieved by lowering the fluid level.


Apply only in well-ventilated areas. The Zip Patch kit contains one adhesive-impregnated fibreglass patch, an aerosol can of activator, a plastic applicator and one pair of rubber gloves – everything required to make fast, permanent emergency repairs.

• First, carefully peel away one side of the foil pouch, completely exposing the adhesive impregnated fibreglass.

• Then, spray the exposed patch surface lightly but

• completely (including the corners) with the activator.

• The patch becoming darker in colour indicates proper activation.

• Apply the activated patch to the repair area and carefully peel back the remaining foil. Use the plastic applicator provided in the kit to eliminate trapped air by gently smoothing the patch from the center towards the outer edges.

• Spray the entire surface of the exposed patch lightly with the activator.

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