Vegetable Fibre Sheet "FIBREFLEX"


A. SCOPE: FIBREFLEX GRADE “A” is a premium grade of vegetable fibre sheet packing,efficiently saturated with a glue-glycerine impregnant rendered insoluble by means of a tanning agent to give a strong, flexible, all-proof packing with properties retained during proper storage and in use.

B. CERTIFICATION: FIBREFLEX GRADE “A” is certified to meet the below listed specifications:

HH-P-96G, Type 1 only (Federal Specification)
MIL-G-12803A Ident. No. P3313B
MIL-G-128030B & MIL-G-12803C Ident. No. F326128M6
ASTM D 1170 and SAE J90 Ident. No. P3313B
ASTM F 104 and SAE J90 Ident. No. F326128-E21-M6
Underwriters’ Laboratory Listing No. MH 4649 (763N)


Fibre 45% to 55%
Moisture 6% to 10%
Chemical Solids 35% to 45%

D. CONDITIONING: All samples conditioned prior to testing as specified by applicable application—usually 50% RH -70 to 85o F for a period of 22 or 24 hours.

E. STANDARDS: (Using American Society of Testing Materials Specification ASTM F 104 prepared jointly with the Society of Automotive Engineers and similar in requirements to MIL-G-12803C.

ORIGINAL   Test Load 1000p.s.i.
PHYSICAL  Compressibility 25% to 40%
PROPERTIES Tensile Strength 2000 p.s.i.
Recovery 40% minimum
PHYSICAL Fuel B–Thickness increase 5% maximum (Not Applicable to MIL-G-12803C)
PROPERTIES  #3 Oil–Thickness increase 5% maximum
AFTER  Fuel B–Weight increase 15% maximum (Not Applicable to MIL-G-12803C)
IMPRESSION #3 Oil–Weight increase 15% maximum
Water–Weight increase 100% maximum

F. THICKNESS TOLERANCES:                          

Thickness Plus or Minus
.006″, .010″ and .015″ .0035″
.021″, .031″, .046″ and .062″ .005″
.096″ (3/32″) .008″
.125″ (1/8″) and up .016″


G. FLEXIBILITY: FIBREFLEX GRADE “A” is capable of withstanding bending around a rod with a diameter of twice the thickness of the material under test, without cracking, breaking, or excessive marring of the surfaces.



FIBREFLEX is an insoluble, impregnated, strong & flexible high-grade fiber.

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