UPS TRK 11000 Engineers A Kit ''ThistleBond''

Unique Polymer Systems Engineering Kits (THISTLEBOND) – “the engineers choice”

The UPS Thistlebond Engineers Kit is a maintenance tool, which as the experience of the users broadens, can resolve an increasing number of the Maintenance Engineers Problems.

We supply along with this kit a complete and comprehensive manual that shows what can be accomplished quickly and simply by use of the items in the kit.

Part No UPS11000 is the Engineers Kit complete and part no UPS is the top up kit.

Whist the KIT was predominantly devised for the MARINE ENGINEER – in today’s Industrial Manufacturing Plant – the Engineers kit is not only essential but a vital part of the days to day repair products that the maintenance engineer needs.

Ultimately the individual engineers who use the kits will, through experience, establish the best design of repairs for their particular maintenance problem.

Invariably the problem area is the bond between the resin laminate and the parent body. Manufacturing tests have shown that pressures of 56 – 112kg (800 – 1600 psi) can be contained before failure of the resin bond when testing at High Pressure. 28-35kg (400- 500 psi) when testing at low pressure.

The application manual that accompanies this repair kit covers such subjects as:

Correct Mixing Procedures High Pressure Pipe Repairs
Application of Sealers and Fillers Quick Setting Industrial
Low Pressure Pipe Repairs Application of Fairing

Industry Throws Away Millions Each Year In The Way Of Broken, Corroded and Eroded Plant and Machinery. A MAJOR part of this could be RECOVERED and REPAIRED by using The UPS Engineering A kit.


UPS Engineers A Kit (TRK11000) contains a specially selected range of high performance laminate, adhesive, and engineering repair products.

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