TRK19002 A & B Cement ''ThistleBond''

UPS ‘A & B Cement’ is a high performance multipurpose epoxy adhesive specifically developed for repairs where difficult adhesion conditions exist.

UPS ‘A & B Cement’ is formulated on a complex range of epoxy resins combined with a polyamino curing system reinforced with inert fillers to enhance the adhesion properties of the whole system.

UPS ‘A & B Cement’ can be applied to virtually any surface to form an effective bond. In addition to being used as an adhesive UPS A&B Cement can also be used to fill cracks in components and castings prior to application of UPS Resin Repair Systems.


Before proceeding, please read the following information carefully to ensure that the correct application procedure is fully understood.



Heavy contamination due to oil or grease must first be removed using UPS ‘Cleaner’. All loose material, rust and surface contaminants, including existing coatings, must be removed and the surface roughened by using an angle grinder, needle gun or abrasive blasting.Where grinding or needle gunning is used, the surface should be cross-scored to improve adhesion. Care must be taken, when angle grinding, to avoid polishing rather than roughening metal surfaces. Where possible, abrasive blasting is the preferred surface preparation.



UPS ‘A &B Cement’ is a two component solvent free material comprising resin and hardener components which

must be mixed together prior to use.

Measure 1 volume of resin component and 1 volume hardener component onto a clean mixing board or other suitable surface. The two components should then be thoroughly mixed until completely streak free.

The mixed material should be used within 20 minutes of mixing at 20°C (68°F). This time will be reduced at higher temperatures and extended at lower temperatures.



The mixed material should be pressed firmly onto the prepared area, working the material into any cracks and surface defects.

When UPS ‘A & B Cement’ is being used to bond two surfaces together, both surfaces should be coated with the material. The two pieces should then be pressed firmly together and clamped in position until the product has set, any excess material squeezed out should be scraped away before the UPS ‘A & B Cement’ begins to cure.

Where a UPS repair is to be carried out on a cracked pipe or plate then UPS ‘A & B Cement’ should be trowelled into the crack before proceeding with the repair. Where the crack is still leaking a little, then it is recommended that UPS ‘A & B Cement’ should be left to cure partially before being re-trowelled into the crack.

Once UPS ‘A &B Cement’ has cured for a minimum of 2 hours at 20°C (68°F), sanding, grinding and machining etc. can be carried out.

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