TRK19000 Standard Resin and Hardener ''ThistleBond''

Unique Polymer Systems ‘Standard Resin and Hardener’ is a high performance, solvent free epoxy system designed for onsite repairs to metal, wood, glass and synthetic materials.

Unique Polymer Systems ‘Standard Resin and Hardener’ consists of a unique blend of epoxy resin combined with polyamino amine adducts, which have been specifically selected to provide the optimum adhesions and mechanical and physical strength.

Unique Polymer Systems ‘Standard Resin and Hardener’ is simple and easy to use and when used in conjunction with Unique Polymer Systems reinforcement products such as glass cloth, glass tapes or glass mat will result in an excellent repair medium having inherent strength and integrity.


Before proceeding please read the following information carefully to ensure that the correct proper application procedure is fully understood.



All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and loose material.

Metal Surfaces: All loose material, rust and surface contaminants, including existing coatings, must be removed and the surface roughened by using an angle grinder, needle gun or abrasive blasting. Where grinding or needle gunning is used, the surface should be cross-scored to improve adhesion. Care must be taken, when angle grinding, to avoid polishing rather than roughening metal surfaces.

GRP and Wooden Surfaces: All loose or rotten material must be removed to a sound edge. Flaking paint or lacquer scraped clear and sound paintwork thoroughly sanded to provide an effective key.

Where it is not possible to clean the surface thoroughly the application of a coating of Unique Polymer Systems ‘A & B Cement’ could possibly improve the bond of the final repair.



Unique Polymer Systems ‘Standard Resin and Hardener’ is a two component material consisting of a resin component and liquid hardener component. The resin component should be poured into a suitable mixing container and the hardener added and thoroughly stirred until a homogeneous mix is obtained. The mixed material should be used within 30 minutes of mixing at20°C. This time will be reduced at higher temperatures and extended at lower temperatures.



Unique Polymer Systems ‘Standard Resin and Hardener’ should be applied to the prepared surface by stiff brush or roller to give a uniform even coating taking care to avoid excessive buildup and ponding. On rough, pitted surfaces the product should be worked into the surface to ensure complete wetting of the substrate. To maximize the strength of the repair, it is essential that a complete coating of the resin mix is applied prior to the laying up of each layer of glass fabric. By doing so, a homogeneous glass fibre resin laminate will be achieved.

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