This shield comprises outer 316 st/st band, inner 4-layer st/st mesh and external quick-release clamp. The key design feature is the internal mesh which effectively diffuses all pressure from the release, resulting in a safe drip. Equally important is the exact alignment of the shield and ‘crimped’ central mesh section, as other ill-fitting shields may create additional lateral spray-outs or dangerous mist formation.

Typically used for fuel, lubrication, seal & hydraulic oil, steam and other chemicals. Its design and materials of construction make it suitable for applications involving high temperature and pressure. Currently only available for flanges – though we can supply shielding solutions for ‘special’ applications so feel free to contact us for further consultation.

Max working temp: 500 °C / 930 °F
Flange Ratings: Ansi 150 – 1500lb  /  DIN PN6 – PN100
Pipe sizes: Standard; ¼” (15mm) – 24” (600mm). Larger sizes available, contact us
Applications:  Flanges

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