SM593 Micro Dot Plate Runner Matting "METROSEAL"

SM 593 Small Dot Plate Runner Matting A unique pattern matting which has good non-slip and anti-slip characteristics.

SM593 is available from stock in Black or Green 3 mm thick

This grade can be produced in varying width, length and thickness formats and in a variety of colours to special order. These would be subject to minimum batch run quantities, usually 500 M2 per size/colour

Stock Roll Sizes
[m x m x mm]
SM593 Small Dot Colour: Black/Green
10m x 1.2m x 3.0mm Black 4.50 Compound: SBR/NR
15m x 1.2m x 4.5mm Green 4.50 Hardness [Shore A]: 70°
Density [SG]: 1.5
Tensile Strength: [MPA] 2.5
Elongation [min]: 150%
Abrasion Resistance [mm³] 250
Minimum Temperture -20°C
Maximum Temperture +70°C
Color :
Type :
Size :