SM149/75 Black High Temperature GENUINE Viton® (DuPont A) Rubber 70° shore "METROSEAL"

SM 149/75 Black High Temperature Genuine Viton® (DuPont A) Rubber 70° shore is a  Genuine Viton® (FKM) sheeting that has outstanding high resistance for high exposure applications with chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products at high temperatures not achievable with other compounds.

Full specification sheet available on request

This Product is REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE Compliant
Other grades, colours and finishes are available – subject to minimum batch quantities

Stock Roll Sizes
[mm x mm x m]
0.5mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 0.98 Colour Black
1mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 1.95 Compound DuPont Viton A
1.5mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 2.93 Density [specific gravity] 200
2mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 3.90 Hardness [Degrees Shore A] 75° ± 5°
2.5mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 4.88 Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 [Polymer] 50.00
3mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 5.85 Elongation at break 200
4mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 7.80 Minimum Temperature -20°C
5mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 9.75 Maximum temperature +275°C
6mm x 1200mm x 10m SS 11.70 Compression Set (70°C for 22 hours) %  55
8mm x 1200mm x 5m SS 15.60  Polymer Content % 100
10mm x 1200mm x 5m SS 19.50
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