Silicone Sealant "HOLDENBOND"

Holdenbond silicone sealant is a versatile, high performance which reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a flexible silicone rubber, ideal for a wide variety of general purpose joint sealing and glazing applications. It provides exceptional cure stability. Capable of taking extension, compression, transverse and longitudinal movements, resists severe environmental conditions such as wind loading, wind driven rain, snow and sleet, and is impervious to acid rain, ozone, ultraviolet light and extreme temperature variations. Because of its excellent adhesive qualities, it provides the long-term performance required for demanding weatherproofing applications. It is recommended for use on both new construction and renovation projects.



The high modulus and outstanding physical properties of silicone sealant allow for sealing a wide variety of demanding applications, such as:



Silicone sealant is NOT recommended for:


Surface Preparation:
Surfaces to be sealed or bonded should be clean and dry. Surfaces should be free from grease, mold release, oil, water/condensation and other contaminates that may affect the adhesion of the sealant.
Abrading with 180 to 220 grit abrasive followed by a solvent wipe will improve the bond strength.
Local and federal air quality regulations may regulate or prohibit the use of this product or surface preparation and cleanup materials. Consult local and federal air quality regulations before using these products.
Note: Alcohol will interfere with the curing process and extra care must be taken when using alcohol as a cleaning solvent to prevent any contact with the sealant.


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