SB Resin & Activator "HOLDENBOND"

Introduction: A free flowing resin with activator that impregnates glass/cloth/tape/mat & bonds tenaciously to practically any surface to produce a tight seal which will not dissolve in water oil and will resist High temperature

Intended Use: impregnates glass/cloth/tape/mat

Limitations: None

Application Instruction: Applicable for multipurpose material like Plastics, Steel, Wood, Ceramics

Mixing Instructions:

‐‐‐‐ It is strongly recommended that full units be mixed, as ratios are pre‐measured. ‐‐‐‐
1. Add hardener to resin
2. Mix thoroughly with screwdriver or similar tool (continuously scrape material away from sides and bottom of container) until a uniform, streak‐free consistency is obtained.
LARGE SIZES (2 lb., 25 lb.): Use a propeller‐type Jiffy Mixer Model ES on an electric drill. Mix until color is uniform and

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