Red Hi-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Sealant "HOLDENBOND"


Red Hi-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Sealant is a non-slump acetoxy curing paste that cures to permanently flexible silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. It exhibit an outstanding resistance to weathering, moisture, vibration, UV light. The RTV Red adheres to glass, metal, wood, painted surfaces, silicone rubbed and some plastics. Since the composition of the substrates can vary greatly, adhesion tests for the specific case are advisable.


• Hi-Temp RTV is a ready to use,solvent free silicone sealant which is primarily designed for general purposed sealing and bonding applications.
• Hi-Temp RTV silicone makes reliable “formed-to place” gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating caused by thermal cycling. Ideal for use as replacement for gaskets, seals, gasket dressing, cork, felt, paper, rubber and asbestos gaskets.
• The consistency of the uncured material allows a high application rate and makes it good choice not only for dispensing from a caulking gun but also for automatic dispensing.
• The silicone rubber form from Hi-Temp RTV is well suited for sealing joints that are exposed to high temperatures. The elasticity of the rubber remains unchanged over a wide temperature range from -62°C to 343°C.
• Hi-Temp RTV is well suited as Formed-in-Place-Gasket (FIPG) material for flange sealing, for example on transmissions, compressors and pumps.
• Hi-Tech Hi-Temp RTV may also be used for :

o Assembling valve and timing cover, crankcase, radiator, thermostat
o Bonding gaskets in heating and cooling systems appliances.
o Sealing connecting joints, flanged pipe joints.
o Repairing cables.

Surface Preparation:

• Ensure all surfaces that will be in contact with the sealant must be clean, dry, free of dust dirt, rust, oil and other contaminants.
• Nonporous substrates should be clean with solvent and wipe dry immediately with cloth before the solvent evaporates from the surface. Porous surfaces should be roughening with a stiff-bristled brush, rubbed down or sandblasted.
• Remove the gap and punch a hole on the tube with the gap’s sharp edge. Cut off tip nozzle and screw on nozzle to tube.
• Apply on surface in steady flow by hand pressing.
• If required, smooth and shape sealant with spatula dipped in mild detergent.
• To remove excess uncured sealant with a mineral turpentine soaked cloth. Fully cured excess sealant can be removed by trimming with a sharp knife.
• Content fully cures in 48 hours.

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