Pressure Gauges "APEX"

Industrial-grade pressure gauges with 63mm, 80mm, 100mm stainless steel cases are suitable for measuring the pressure of gaseous or liquid media, but not for highly viscous or crystallizing media.

Case type

The stainless steel case is available in a crimped-on ring.

Case ventilation is provided by a pressure equalisation insert.

Display ranges

DIN display ranges from -1…0 bar to 0…600 bar are available (max. 600 bar with brass connection or stainless steel connection). Gauges with special ranges can be provided on request.


Instrument glass for types with brass connection thread, laminated safety glass with stainless steel connection, polycarbonate with stainless steel connection.

Connection threads and materials

Standard pressure gauges have a brass connection thread. Connection thread made from stainless steel is optionally available.

Glycerine Filled Type

The internal mechanism for the pointer operation is filled with glycerine to protect the accuracy of the gauge from mechanical vibration and to extend the working life of the gauge.

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