Pipe Insulation Tapes "HOLDENFLEX"


HOLDENFLEX® is the ‘one-step’ insulation system for quick and easy way to insulate high temperature surfaces in vessel engine rooms.
HOLDENFLEX ® is a revolutionary system made from bio soluble vitreous silicate fibre which is reinforced with an outer jacket of heat sealed aluminium foil. In tape or blanket format, HOLDENFLEX ® is applied in one step eliminating the need for bulky and time consuming layered insulation.

HOLDENFLEX ® can be easily removed and reinstalled by using the insulating tape and is rated for use to 1,000º C max.

HOLDENFLEX ® can be used throughout the engine room and also various parts of the vessel where required.



HOLDENFLEX ® Pipe Insulation Tape

For use on bent and flanged pipes in areas where maintenance is not a consideration and/or space is limited. HOLDENFLEX ® has a pressure sensitive adhesive on the inner side for ease of installation.

Remove dirt, oil, scale and excessive moisture from surface. HOLDENFLEX ® is wound around the pipe in a spiral motion using a 50% overlap to ensure good adhesion. Be sure that the foil edges are securely fastened. Ends can be secured with wire or clips if desired. For removal, unwind or cut the HOLDENFLEX ® Tape from the pipe. Tape is not reusable.


HOLDENFLEX ® Pipe Insulation Blanket

For use on straight pipes, valves, exhaust equipment, turbochargers, angled and uneven surfaces. And, anywhere that insulation is required. HOLDENFLEX ® Blankets are secured with HOLDENFLEX ® Insulating Tape for ease of maintenance.

Cut the HOLDENFLEX ® Blankets to size with a utility knife or shears. Wrap around the surface to be insulated, butting the ends together forming a seam. Secure and seal the seam with Insulating Tape. To remove HOLDENFLEX ® Blanket, cut the Insulating Tape and unwrap from metal surface. To reinstall, new Insulating Tape must be applied.



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