Non-Spark Fibreglass Square Shovels "HOLDENTOOLS"


Non-spark safety shovels and scoops reduce the risk of sparks during a spill clean-up. These environmental safety shovels are manufactured from polypropylene and are light, safe and easy to use in a spill clean-up. Prior to use wipe the shovels with a damp cloth to reduce surface static.

These deep-pan, high-walled safety shovels are similar to a traditional-shape shovel but with a much larger blade. Ideal for spill kits, these safety shovels will not rust nor rot, and are resistant to oils and chemicals. The deep pan and large blade provides extra capacity and is ideal for handling bulky but lightweight materials.

Non-spark hand scoop is ideal in a spill kit for dispensing ground and floor absorbent onto a spill. The scoop is small with high sides, ideal for inserting into a bag. The scoop will not rust nor rot, anti-sparking and resistant to oils and chemicals.

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