Metal Assembly Paste "HOLDENBOND"


HOLDNEBOND MAP is a high temperature assembly paste prevents metal-metal contact, seizing, galling and fretting corrosion.

Recommended Applications

 Anti-rust paste for slow moving, anti-seize
 High load
 High temperature and corrosive areas used in bolts, nuts, pins
 pivot joints, studs,
 screw connections, guides
 bushings, fittings, spark plugs, spindles, flanges
 flange seals, exhaust screw connections
 pipe connections, linkages, sliding sleeves
 press fits, threaded parts


 Reduces friction and wear
 Prevents seizing at high temperature
 Resists high loads due to its high solid content
 Ensures accurate assembly during installation
 Provides easy dismantling of threaded parts even after long operational periods
 Threaded parts remain in good condition and can be re – used
 Prevents rust and corrosion
 Excellent cold, hot and salt water resistance
 Long life and efficiency
 Resists temperature up to 450°C

Surface Preparation:

Surface should be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, etc., Wire brush sealed parts


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