Insulation Lagging "HOLDENFLEX"


Designed to meet the needs of the commercial fishing fleet, our exhaust solutions are built to last. Available in a variety of standard sizes and configurations, our products are built using the highest quality materials; some of which include: stainless steel wire mesh, fiberglass insulation material, and siliconized cloth. Featured online, you will find our standard product line featuring siliconized grey cloth and needled fiberglass insulation. The heat rating on the fiberglass insulation is 1200 degrees, while the cloth is rated to 450 degrees. Our sleeve insulation is made with a variety of materials to include non-siliconized fiberglass cloth for maximum temperature performance. We only use heat resistant thread in our sewing, and all products undergo a rigorous quality inspection prior to being approved for use.

Lagging/ sleeve insulation is listed based off of Outside Diameter (OD) size of the pipe.


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