General Purpose Glue "HOLDENBOND"


General purpose glue is a solvent based neoprene adhesive which have high viscosity, short tack time, easy to apply, cost saving, strong bonding strength and provides heat resistant. It provides highly effective strong bonds for wood, plywood, rubber, leather, metal, PVC carpet, linoleum, felt, tiles, chipboard, concrete, formica countertops, paper product etc…

General purpose glue is most suitable for general purpose, light industry, furniture, construction and decoration industry. It is simple to use and resistant to damp, oil, salt, mild acid and alkaline.


• Wipe off moisture, oil and all other foreign matters on bonding surfaces.
• Apply a thin layer of glue on the bonding surfaces evenly. For effective bonding on absorbent surfaces and porous material normally two coats is required.
• For bonding surfaces assemble under room temperature the recommended time is 30 to 45 mins.
• For bonding surfaces with higher absorbent rate the open time shall be shorter but at the smooth bonding surfaces the open time shall be longer.
• After assemble apply suitable pressure on the bonding substrates.
• Bond strength can be fully obtained after 24 hours.
• Application should be carried out in a well ventilated area.

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