FLEXPACK PTFE Tanklid packing


TANK LID PACKING is a multi-functional special packing, the core of which is made of special high pressure-resilient elastomeric and which is then wounded with high-temperature resistant fibre and branded with protective corrosion-resistant fiber, and is applicable for seal of important locations of oils and chemicals tanks such as manhole, filling hole and protective hole.


Size                                                                          From 20 to 60mm

Temperature range                                              -50°C to +260°C

Appearance                                                           Flat & Uniform

Size tolerance < 30                                              -0/+2mm

Size tolerance from 30 to 60                             -0/+4mm

Bulk density                                                          From 0.55 to 0.75 g/m

pH:                                                                          0-14

Hot oil content                                                     From 5 to 10%

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