FLEXPACK 3060 is a high quality X-braided packing manufactured from high purity graphite yarn combined with inconel filaments. In addition, the package is treated with specially formulated high temperature lubricants and a corrosion inhibitor.

FLEXPACK 3060 can be used in high pressure, high temperature valves and sealing applications. The combination of high performance graphitised yarn and inconel filaments give rise to increased dimensional stability and long term sealing performance. FLEXPACK 3060 has excellent chemical resistance and can be used for sealing a wide range of chemical media (with the exception of strong oxidisers). Typical industries would include chemical, petrochemical and power generation.
Maximum Temperature:                                       430 degC (air)  650 degC (steam)

Maximum pressure:                                               300 bar
Maximum shaft speed:                                          2 m/s
pH:                                                                             0-14

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