Ceramic Cloth Wire Inserted "HOLDENFLEX"

CHARACTERISTICS: Ceramic Cloth are asbestos free and have very high tensile strength to weight ratio,incombustible and provide excellent heat protection. When expose to heat, it neither emits flame nor toxic products.

APPLICATION: Ceramic Cloth are applicable to all thermal insulation protection and energy conservation. This
includes removable insulation pads, acoustical, flange, expansion joints, lagging and welding blankets.

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Max. Temperature 1000°C
Working Temperature  800°C
Colour Off White
Density kg/m 96
Rate of line (%) 24h, 128kg/m -4
Rate of thermal conductivity w/m.k 0.09 ( 400 )
Density: 128kg.m 0.16 ( 800 )
Tensile strength Mpa 0.04
Chemical content (%) AI2O3  40-44
AI2O3+SiO 95-96
AI2O3+SiO2+ZrO2  –
ZrO2  –
Fe2O3 1.2
Na2O+K2O 0.5
Availability size:
Thickness 2 mm x Width 1000 mm x Length 30 mtr
Thickness 3 mm x Width 1000 mm x Length 30 mtr
Weave: Plain
Yarn Diameter: 3-4 mu
Packaging: Pack in roll
Color :
Type :
Size :