Aluminum Putty "HOLDENBOND"

Description: Aluminum‐filled epoxy putty for dependable no rusting repairs to aluminum castings, machinery, and equipment widely used in HVAC applications

Intended Use: Patch aluminum castings; make jigs, dies, and holding fixtures

Product features: Can be machined, drilled, or tapped using conventional metalworking toolsBonds to aluminum, concrete, and many other metals. Fills voids or pores in castings

Limitations:  Not recommended for long term exposure to concentrated acids or to organic solvents

Surface Preparation:

1. Thoroughly clean the surface with HOLDENBOND ® Conditioner to remove all oil, grease, and dirt.
2. Grit blast surface area with 8‐40 mesh grit, or grind with a coarse wheel or abrasive disc pad, to create increased surface area for better adhesion (Caution: An abrasive disc pad can only be used provided white mesh is revealed). Desired profile is 3‐5mil, including defined edges (do not ‘feather‐edge” epoxy).
Note: For metals exposed to sea water or other salt solution, grit‐blast and high‐pressure‐water‐blast the area, then leave overnight to allow any salts in the metal to “sweat” to the surface. Repeat blasting to “sweat out” all soluble salts. Perform chloride contamination test to determine soluble salt content (should be no more than 40ppm).
3. Clean surface again with HOLDENBOND ® conditioner to remove all traces of oil, grease, dust, or other foreign substances from the grit blasting.
4. Repair surface as soon as possible to eliminate any changes or surface contaminants.
Working Conditions:

Ideal application temperature is 55°F (12°C) to 90°F(32°C). In cold working conditions, heat repair area to 100‐110°F (37‐ 43°C) immediately prior to applying epoxy to dry off any moisture, contamination, or solvents, as well as to assist epoxy in achieving maximum adhesion properties.

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