Adhesive Tapes "HOLDENBOND"

Kraft Paper Tapes

Kraft paper tapes are generally used in masking applications, such as screen-printing and printed graphics. It has a natural rubber based adhesive system that makes an excellent bond to most packing products and surfaces. Its tough backing remains strong under moist conditions, and outdoor weathering is good. Its typical applications include carton sealing, packing, splicing, freezer tape, and straight-line masking. It is also used in silk screening and picture framing.

Insulation Tapes

Insulation tape is one of the oldest known electrical tapes. It was designed to replace the cotton jacket used in early cable and wire assemblies. It is a simple construction of cotton cloth impregnated with a tacky, rubber compound that provides good adhesion to all types of surfaces. These tapes provide excellent protection against abrasion and penetration of wires, cables and splices.

Cloth Sealing Tapes

Cloth sealing tape is an adhesive tape made with a cloth backing to make it durable and flexible. The tape is useful for various purposes such as bandages, sealing walls, electrical and plumbing tasks and so on. Cloth tapes are easily available in specialty and hardware stores.

Anti-Slip Tapes

When it comes to safety in your home or workplace, stairs and step areas should never be overlooked. Applying abrasive anti slip tape is one of the best choices you can make to help prevent slips and falls. Abrasive anti slip tapes are used in homes, on ramps, on trucks and on most commercial and industrial stair cases.

Paper Masking Tapes

Used to cover or mask areas you do not want to get paint on, or to hold sheets or boards for periods of time, while painting or working. Normally supplied in paper tape with rubber-base glue. Masking Tape features high adhesion that will allow it to stick to almost any surface. This adhesive masking tape is ideal for a wide variety of projects such as labeling supplies, packing boxes, hanging party streamers, and more. You can remove it after one day without affecting the hard surface.

Hazard Warning Tapes

Self adhesive black and yellow striped tape used to warn against hazards. It can adhere to any reasonably clean surface and can be easily removed.

This hazard warning tape is perfect for internally or externally marking off equipment for warning purposes, temporary floor marking around equipment or spills or for general hazard warning purposes. It has a super tough backing that resists scuffing and a strong adhesive that prevents lifting. The tape is available in either Black and Yellow or Red and White contrasting stripes.

OPP Tapes

OPP Tape, AKA Ordinary polypropylene tape is an economic acrylic tape made with quality polypropylene material commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments. The most common widths are two to three inches wide and made from a polypropylene or polyester backing.



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